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This page will presume that you already know how your members of Congress voted on Fast Track. A majority there refused to listen to the people at all in their unitary opposition to that preemptive surrender of the constitutional power, duty and responsibility to make trade policy. Otherwise, please go to this page first where there is a button to lookup your members of Congress and reveal their votes.

We are asking YOU to simply volunteer your name as a potential primary challenger to the respective constituent-deaf house member or senator in your congressional district or state.

You do not need money to do this. Indeed, the people we must replace cannot be beaten with money. If we play the game on their turf, by trying to out-fundraise them, that is a certain losing strategy. Our only path to victory is to out people organize them, and that is what this site is about.

All you really need to do to start the ball rolling is to make a simple video of yourself speaking to your fellow constituents and post it on Vimeo or YouTube. And then submit the link to us, using the form below, so that we can organize all the prospective candidate videos on this site. Just about everyone nowadays has, or knows someone who has, a cell phone or camera capable of capturing high quality web video.

There will be no top-down decisions on who to run. Your own constituents will vote on this site on who to pre-nominate as the one and only designated challenger per seat, and we will ask all other potential candidates to respect that vote, seek other offices (needed as well), etc.

When you make your video, just to talk the camera, introduce yourself and say, "I'm ready to primary challenge [insert name of the rogue incumbent]." Tell your constituents what you have done in your life to prepare yourself for this challenge, to make public policy with their guidance. It's that simple.

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