At a minimum Ann Coulter should apologize for her remarks on Good Morning America, wishing for violence against a presidential cnndidate. And not just her, but the Good Morning America show who gave her a platform for such vile expressions, knowing up front that she brings nothing to political debate BUT her usual repertoire of offensive personal attacks. And this extends to the Chris Matthews show which further enabled her to applify on her smears.

Call Good Morning America at 212-456-5900.
Call Hardball w/Chris Matthews at 202-783-2615.

But she's not going to apologize. She is not going to repent. She is just going to keep ABUSING free speech in an even more offensive way every chance she gets. Should she be prosecuted for calling for a Supreme Court judge to be poisoned, or wishing out loud for the assassination of a presidential candidate? That is not our call. But is not free speech, and it is not political speech. What it can be fairly be characterized as is suspected CRIMINAL speech, the political equivalent of obscenity. There is no safe harbor for obscenity in free speech, and neither should there be one for act of Coulter's caliber.

Time and again Ann Coulter has demonstrated that she is an offensive speech scofflaw, and on that basis we call for a BAN on her appearance on national television. To the networks we say, "You know she is going to say something grossly offensive when you book her." And she rightly deserves to be shunned for that reason, or the next time she will lurch even further over the line and you may YOURSELVES be legal jeopardy, as for example you were over the celebrated Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. You are on fair notice.

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