There were no terrorists in Iraq to go to war AGAINST, except ones the Bush and Cheney themselves elevated by their reckless occupation. And continuing the occupation there will just breed two more local insurgents for every one they pick off in a photo-op bombing.

It's time for Congress to fufill the promise of the November elections to stop the war in Iraq, and the only assurance we have that they will actually do that is if we CONTINUE to call and write them, again and again, until they finally realize we in fact expect them to do it.

You can get the direct dial numbers and fax numbers for all your members of Congress right down to the district level by clicking on "Lookup Phones" in the instant lookup form to the right. During the break before the election this is the best way to reach them, AND submit the form below also to send an email message.

Please speak out now and call on them to make campaign speeches against an escalation of the Middle East policy disaster.

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It’s no secret the Bush administration will dig deep into the bowels of depravity to keep their own fat out of the fire. It doesn’t matter who has to die to accomplish that goal either. The theme of cut-and-run politics Bush has on America’s moral authority around the world seems to be adding a new layer of despotic opportunism, in the face of another historic failure.

While North Korea has tested its first nuclear bomb as a direct result of Bush’s gross incompetence, a bait-and-switch looks to be in the works.

According to reported sources, the Bush administration intends to launch an unprovoked carpet bomb attack on the sovereign nation of Iran, for the sole purpose of trying to influence the upcoming election in his favor.

Would Bush sacrifice our national security against the current threat of North Korea, for a country that poses no threat for 10 years or more? The only thing missing from this scenario is the pretext to sell to the American people.

If true, we could be looking at another attack in the United States or against the United States within days carrying a "Gulf of Tonkin stench. Never one to be accused of having an original thought, Bush will do anything, ANYTHING, to prevent Democrats from taking over the Congress.

Bush’s fear is merited. Defeating tyranny is the mission statement of this country, and for that reason, he’s scared.

The only question, are we going to let him get away with this? If he does start a third war on the heels of two failed ones, what will you do? What are you doing NOW, to insure a democratic victory?

We need to speak in a resounding voice, "NO WAR FOR FOLEY!"

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