There were no terrorists in Iraq to go to war AGAINST, except ones the Bush and Cheney themselves elevated by their reckless occupation. And continuing the occupation there will just breed two more local insurgents for every one they pick off in a photo-op bombing.

It's time for Congress to fufill the promise of the November elections to stop the war in Iraq, and the only assurance we have that they will actually do that is if we CONTINUE to call and write them, again and again, until they finally realize we in fact expect them to do it.
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Judge says No to NSA Wiretaps; We Say Yes to Impeachment!
When U.S. District Court Judge Anna Taylor struck down the warrantless surveillance program she said it violated the rights to Free Speech and Privacy as well as the Separation of Powers enshrined in the Constitution. While the ruling was immediately appealed by the Bush Administration which wants no restrictions on it's right to act as King of the United States, this is the first time we, as Progressives, have had Federal support for our position. Already there are bills on the The Hill that would allow the program to go forward with the most cursory of inspection.

We must not let that happen! This is an Impeachable offense. I believe this is the beginning of the end of the Bush Administration. But we must push and push and push some more to make it happen. If we flood The Hill, to both Republican and Democratic incumbents alike, they will know the depth of our committment. Republican incumbents, in particular, are beginning to distance themselves from The President. A strong showing of opposition now, prior to their Congressional Election, will serve notice to distance themselves even more and change directions.

Join thousands of others who are submitting the action form below and send your words and emotions to Congress! Let them know exactly how you feel on this overwhelmingly important issue. This is, friends, the first break in the wall that the Bush Administration has tried to erect between the Courts and themselves.

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