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We are excited to announce we are already in pre-production for our second full length feature, dramatic film, Citizens United, The Movie, intended to coordinate with the growing mass movement to negate the supreme court outrage by that name. Check out the first part of script, the synopsis, get one of the new beautifully embroidered custom caps we created for this project, and more.


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Please note: This resource automatically looks up whether your members of Congress are official sponsors of S.J.Res.18 (in the Senate) and H.J.Res.21 (in the House) according to the Library of Congress THOMAS page. If so, the suggested question under their tab will be in green and will be a thank you message.

Nothing has done more damage to our democracy than the rogue decision of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case. It has unleashed an antedeluvian flood of corporate special interest attack ad money, which drowns out any debate on the actual issues.

But identical twin joint resolutions were introduced last year to intiate a constitutional amendment to clarify that corporations are NOT the "people" with the rights guaranteed to them there, which would conclusively negate the Citizens United travesty.

The disgrace is that the Senate resolution STILL only has 4 sponsors (even though we picked a new one this week, Senator Walsh of Montana), and the one in the house only 34. We are demanding that every member of Congress immediately step forward to co-sponsor S.J.Res.18 (in the Senate) and H.J.Res.21 (in the House) respectively,

If there are any members of Congress who assert that 3/4 of the states will never ratify such a thing, We say, "That's not your problem, your problem is US, because we WILL remove you from office."

For We, The People, pledge that we will never again vote for ANY member of Congress who defies the will of the American people on this, regardless of their position on any other issue.

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Once you log into the main interface you will find a tab for each of your own members of Congress, together with their phone numbers, plus any relevant congressional committees.

Your mission is to call your members of Congress and get them ON THE RECORD about their position. Ask who you are speaking to, for entering their name into the form, make our case on the issue, and end the call by asking for a commitment to vote the way we want, along the lines of the suggested question.

Then by submitting the "Make Record" button on each tab, with any notes you want to add, we make a permanent and VISIBLE record of our advocacy and who is on the side of the people and who is not. If they won't say where they stand that counts as ZERO. Only check the "We can count on their vote" checkbox if they will make a commitment. And this generates a running "rating" percentage of the last 10 calls.

We have big plans for this new interface, and we can expand it indefinitely to mobilize movements on just about any issue. No longer will members of Congress be able to hide in their offices and pretend the phone calls are going the other way. Let's call them out . . . here . . . together . . . and we, the people, will win.
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