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The most dastardly new evils in the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership ("TPP") are super-national rights for corporate business interests, which we only know about at all because there exist leaked documents, albeit heavily redacted. The TPP purports to define any law to constrain pollution, establish labor rights, etc. as an "indirect expropriation" of expected corporate profits, and to establish an unassailable tribunal to enforce these virtally unprecedented prerogatives.

So, for example, if some mega-corporation wanted to frack in your backyard, and you didn't like it, you would have to pay them as damages the money they would presumptively have made from destroying your environment, and your own government would be enfeebled to protect you in any way.

And that's just the start. The TPP would make it easier to export jobs to markets where labor is even cheaper than where they exported most of our jobs under NAFTA and preceding "free" trade agreements. These are nothing but free for all labor exploitation deals, and the TPP is the worst yet by an order of magnitude. If you want to turn the entire United States of America into a third world country, this is the fast track to get there.

Why haven't we heard more about this? It's precisely because it's been negotiated by corporate stooges in such extreme secrecy, the documents have been classified so top secret, that members of Congress are forbidden to tell anyone about the provisions in it. Journalists have been systematically excluded from private conclaves where this is being discussed. There are only about 600 special interest lobbyists who have such special access.

And that is why it is so outrageous that a handful of committee chairmen, Senators Max Baucus and Orrin Hatch of the Senate Finance Committee, and Dave Camp of the House Ways And Means Committee were apparently trying to push a fast track bill for this directly onto the floor of Congress. That's what we were told when we ourselves called last Friday. But apparently they have partially relented and the Senate is going to have some kind of hearing on Thurdsay, 1/16/14. But will it be a full and OPEN hearing, or will they be dragging out anyone who protests (like the same exact committee did on health care)? Call their committees and demand that nothing be done to advance this unless the full proposed text of the TPP is on the table.

The TPP would extend drug patent monopolies, high on the Christmas wish list of the greediest pharmaceutical monoliths, who are already raking in monstrous profit margins.

The TPP purports to inhibit on an international scale the ability of governments to perform proper financial oversight and regulation of the same Wall Street banks and insurance companies that have come so close already to wrecking the entire world economy. They would be free to create toxic assets, play casino with client money, to do more and more of the very things that created such crises in the first place.

And that's not all. The TPP would leave governments, including our own, powerless to regulate pesticides, food additive, or GMOs. They could forcefeed us this stuff against our will by infiltrating our entire food supply.

This stuff is so unbelievably bad you will have to make a serious effort to read the deliberately sparse information which is available to appreciate the kind of peril we are all in right now, unless this thing is stopped cold.

Oh, and there's more, too. They want to monopolize global food supplies. They want to abolish policies to "buy local." And on top of everything else they want to abolish all tariffs so THEY can retain ALL the profit from the new labor markets they want to exploit.

The only thing "free" about this so-called trade deal is to make giant corporations free from any accountability whatsover, a new world order where governments are entirely subservient to selfish business interests.

But your voice speaking out can stop these 21st century fascists in their fast tracks, if only you will speak out now while you still can. As of this moment, because of your voices, they have been unable to find a Democrat on the House side to co-sponsor the bill. It must stay that way, and only our unflagging diligence and activism can keep it that way.

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