This page is a very special new resource, to empower you in making a PUBLIC record of what congressional aides say to YOU, when you call them on the phone on the issues. The DIFFERENCE between this, and an action page that sends emails, is here we are exposing whether members of Congress are listening to us, not just stating our position.

If you want to also submit a written advocacy message, click on the "AFTER recording" link below. But use the form on this page for documenting what THEY are saying, as very public good or bad PR (as the case may be) for them.
Bill/Position     Congressperson 
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Their Position 
Just select the issue and your member of Congress to lobby.

Then call them at 866-338-1015 or 877-851-6437 or 800-828-0498,
or their district office numbers

and ask to speak to someone in their office who can DISCUSS their position on the issue. Ask their position, THEN tell them yours, and make them defend if they will not agree with you. And make notes in the space to the left, including the NAME of the person you spoke to. If they refuse to identify or connect you to such a person, note that, plus any additional bad attitude. Then just submit the form to create a permanent record.
AFTER recording your notes, click here to also send emails to Congress on this issue
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Use the new People Lobby resource to call your members of Congress on these issues:
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No Fast Track For TPP
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