There were no terrorists in Iraq to go to war AGAINST, except ones the Bush and Cheney themselves elevated by their reckless occupation. And continuing the occupation there will just breed two more local insurgents for every one they pick off in a photo-op bombing.

It's time for Congress to fufill the promise of the November elections to stop the war in Iraq, and the only assurance we have that they will actually do that is if we CONTINUE to call and write them, again and again, until they finally realize we in fact expect them to do it.
The time has come for us to take a stand and confront the lies of the entire Bush administration.

We need your help today to get the word out that candidates are standing up for the people now, so please make a donation to help put as many of these new Lie/Die TV spots on the air as possible, calling the Bush administration out on their Iraq war lies, and those members of Congress who rubberstamped them every step of the way. By making a contribution of whatever you can afford, you can help spread the word that there are courageous alternatives in this election.

On this special donations page you can select a donation amount and select to give that same amount to as many candidates as you choose. The form will then calculate your "Total donation" and you can submit with one click.
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Donations From So Far From This Page: $70,222.00
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Stacey Tallitsch (LA-01)    James Wright (TX-08)    Jeeni Criscenzo (CA-49)    Cynthia Matthews (CA-26)   
Ted Ankrum (TX-10)    Clint Curtis (FL-24)    Michael Calderin (FL-25)    Veronica Hambacker (MO-08)   
Danny Stover (IL-19)    Steven Porter (PA-03)    Barry Welsh (IN-06)    Viola Thomas-Hughes (NJ-02)   
Jean Hay Bright (ME-Sen)    Bob Johnson (NY-23)    Albert Kissling (NM-02)    Sara Jo Shettles (MO-06)   
Bill Glass (NC-09)    Steve Young (CA-48)    Ciro D. Rodriquez (TX-23)    Robert Rodriguez (CA-25)   
Joyce Schulte (IA-05)    Dave Patlak (FL-18)   
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4.  I am not a federal contractor.
5.  I am at least eighteen years old.

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