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Prosecute Jamie Dimon And Members Of Congress For Criminal Corruption
We call on Attorney General Eric Holder to launch an immediate investigation into the surreptitious insertion of a provision gutting the Dodd-Frank law into the omnibus spending bill, favoring large Wall Street campaign donors Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan, and the circumstances behind which members of Congress voted for this.

Members of Congress may be able to contend that they did not know what ELSE was in the 1603 page bill, because they had insufficient time to read it when it was dropped at the last possible minute. But they were on express notice that THIS provision was in there because they were heavily "lobbied" by Dimon personally and everyone knew about it.

As direct or indirect beneficiaries of Dimon's largesse over the years, the "official act" of voting for this bill constitutes sufficient "nexus" to justify prosecutions under 18 USC 201(b), 18 USC 201(c), or other available statutes.

President Obama's own intense whipping for this very provision may not rise to the level of an "official act," but were he to sign the bill under these circumstances, he too should be prosecuted at the first available opportunity.

Only far reaching prosecutions on the grounds above can restore the faith of the American people in the integrity of our government.

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