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Amend The Constitution To Repudiate Corporate Personhood And Money As Speech
The Constitution has constructively already been amended . . . by over a century of conniving by corporate attorneys, corrupt clerks, and agenda driven right wing judges. The net result we have now does not even resemble the vision of the Founding Fathers of "We, The People."

What is required now is to affirmatively amend it back to what was intended, to what President Lincoln, himself a Republican, spoke of, a government "of, by and for the People," not one entirely dominated by narrow, big money, special interests.

S.J.Res.19 and H.J.Res.119 are a good start, and would at least give back to Congress the power stolen by the Supreme Court by judicial fiat, to make reasonable regulations on the spending of money to influence elections.

We call on all members of Congress not completely corrupted by such money to support these proposed constitutional amendments at a minimum, as we continue to work for full repudiation of corporate personhood as well.

This is not a partisan issue. But any and all who oppose can and must be replaced.

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