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Cosponsor H.J.Res.119 To Overturn Citizens United Now
We, the People, and your constituents, now call on you to cosponsor H.J.Res.119, the consensus proposed constitutional amendment to overturn the corrupt Citizens United supreme court decision, and to get the big, special interest money out of our elections.

This is the most momentous political issue of our generation. In the Citizens United opinion, Justice Kennedy quoted Justice Scalia on the "astonishing" amount of money spent in previous elections by the wealthy. And yet the wrong-headed Citizens United decision itself has already made this crisis an order of magnitude worse.

Since the current Supreme Court majority is clearly not inclined to correct itself, and is instead apparently determined to press even further in the wrong direction, we, the real People, have no choice but to take it on ourselves to amend the constitution to repudiate them. And any who will not heed us will surely be swept away.

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