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Restore The Voting Rights Act
The precipitous reversal by the Supreme Court last year of key sections of the historic Voting Rights Act threatens to undo 50 years of democratic progress. In doing so, they had the outrageous presumption to overturn large majorities in both houses of Congress which voted to renew these vital provisions of law.

And no sooner had the decision been announced than there was an avalanche of state and municipal laws proposed to restrict ballot access in every possible conceivable way. Some of those who have proposed such laws have been even admitted the fact that their intention is to suppress voting participation by political demographic. And yet, the Supreme Court has turned a blind eye to the threat of a renewal of the gross abuses of the past.

And that is why it is so important for members of Congress now to exercise the power even the Supreme Court admits they have, to pass HR 3899, The Voting Rights Amendment Act, immediately.

We are calling on all members of Congress to go on the record as a sponsor in support of this vitally needed legislation, or risk going into your next election opposed to the right of all Americans to have a free and open chance to cast the ballot of their choice.

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