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We Demand Full Committee Hearings On The TPP
Senators Max Baucus, Orrin Hatch and Representative David Camp have just conspired among themselves to make a back room deal, just the three of them, to put a fast track bill for the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership up for the direct vote of Congress.

In doing so, they have disgracefully bypassed their own committees, with a responsibility for considering and voting on any such proposal. And yet the letter announcing this appears on the official Senate Finance Committee web page, and as such on its face constitutes gross abuse of their authority and duties as chairmen of their committees.

What makes this all the more outrageous is their 3 man unilateral press release touts how their fast track bill will promote "access to information." Do they mean that as some kind of cruel joke!? No "trade" proposal before has ever been negotiated in such extreme secrecy, with members of Congress forbidden to disclose what they know about the TPP now, and journalists systematically excluded from access since talks on this began.

And it is hardly any surprise why. From leaked documents we know, among many other evil things, that the TPP as proposed purports to establish new special rights for corporations to take precedence over the laws of all the nation states involved, even to be able to collect damages in lost profits if, for example, they not allowed to pollute any way they like.

This is truly the sickest proposal ever to come out of a craven corporate attorney's mind. And shame on any member of Congress too corrupt not to immediately stand up in vociferous protest.

Shame on any member of Congress who does not demand fully transparent consideration and their full constitutional voting authority over the TPP itself in the full and unhurried light of day. Any proposal to cut Congress out of the loop by a deceptive fast track hustle must be categorically rejected in any form.

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