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Close Guantanamo, Not Our Embassies
The argument that valiant whistleblowers like Snowden should be crucified is that he has possibly alerted terrorists that we are listening to their conversations, on the theory that if they knew that they would change their communication habits.

So what did the highest officials in our government do this week? They leaked the fact that a recent specific conversation had been intercepted, between two specific prominent terrorists, and cited the specific content of that conversation. How hard would it be for those particular terrorists to now recall what they used for that particular communication, and avoid that channel in the future. Whoever is responsible for THAT leak is by the NSA's own theory the real American traitor.

There used to be travel advisories for particular countries. But the war on terror has been such a spectacular "success" that apparently it is now longer safe for any American to travel anywhere in the world. Our policies of careless murder of civilians and military invasions of countries that were no threat to us is manufacturing people who want to kill us in revenge faster than we can bomb their wedding parties.

What is our government telling us, that they cannot now even defend a handful of our embassies in the Middle East? Instead of closing them, we need to close Guantanamo immediately, prosecute those who deserve to be prosecuted, and release those who don't, starting with those ALREADY cleared for release. The president said we don't want "folks" there to die. We, the American people, say we don't want "folks" to be tortured by force-feeding, as we are still doing right now, and certainly not wrongfully incarcerated indefinitely without charge.

They don't hate us for our freedom . . . but for their lack of the same.

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