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Oversee The NSA
Senator Dick Durbin spoke out strongly this week for making the FISA court an actual court, not just a formalized rubber stamp for any argument the government wants to make in secret. And more and more members of Congress continue to question and reconsider whether the NSA has gone too far in invading the privacy of law abiding American citizens.

We are calling on all members of Congress of conscience to redouble their initiative to impose meaningful oversight on the NSA. The constitution of the United States expressly and literally forbids search warrants not "particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized," and for good reason. Such abuse, contrary to the 4th Amendment, inevitably leads to repressive tyranny, as our founders knew from their own personal and bitter experience.

Blanket warrants that amount to "anything whatsoever on any email or telecom provider anywhere" cannot possibly meet that constitutional requirement. And yet it is increasingly clear that even low level NSA technicians have been given the power to go out and grab anything they want any time they want. Worse yet, the NSA has shared this power with foreign governments.

We can be perfectly well protected from any actual terrorist threats and still preserve our own liberty. If necessary, let's hire more FISA judges and more FBI investigators to file proper warrants. Call it a jobs program.

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