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Don't Spy on US
Back in 2002, John Poindexter proposed a "Total Information Awareness" program to spy on everybody, including all American citizens, complete with a creepy totalitarian logo. The American people were repulsed, Congress defunded the idea in 2003, and they dropped it, or so we thought.

Instead they just went ahead and did everything they planned on doing anyway, except in total secrecy. There was another protest during the Bush administration when it came to light that wiretaps capable of capturing the totality of U.S. phone communications had been placed in telecom switching centers. It did not even slow them down, probably because most Republicans were too partisan to complain.

Now we learn that under the cheerleading of President Obama, these eavesdropping functions have been extended to virtually all the biggest internet hubs.

The New York Times published a scathing editorial last night.

The New Yorker magazine made the critical point that capturing so-called metadata is at least as bad as, and may be worse than, listening to individual phone calls or reading individual emails. If anything, metadata is a more efficient way to track every movement and association of every American citizen without exception. Indeed, the same datataps in place can listen to all the content as well, all in total secrecy, and who's to stop them?

We are demanding that Congress do so now.

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