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Stop The Filibuster Now
The last time a Republican was president there was no end to the pontificating about giving judicial nominees a "fair up or down vote". And yet the Republicans have so far filibustered TWO-THIRDS of President Obama's judge appointments. Hypocrisy much?? Not to mention just about every bill passed by the House, even those with substantial Republican support there.

The filibuster has gone from an accidental aberration in the legislative rules to a stone wall against just about everything. It has now completely paralyzed the operation of our government. In the classic film with Jimmy Stewart, everyone was excited because at that time a filibuster was so rare. It has now been so abused as a tool for perverse obstructionism that it must be eliminated . . . and completely.

Making people talk their heads off will just turn the Senate into a place where people just talk their heads off. It's time for our government to work for the people again, instead of being mercilessly manipulated by a selfish and mean spirited minority. And if the Democrats are serious about actually getting something done in the next 2 years, the first thing they will do is dump this odd legislative relic in the trash were it belongs.

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