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End ALL The Wars Immediately
Since the Democrats threw the interests of their constituents, and in the last election their majorities in Congress, under the bus, the only real power Obama has left to exercise is his executive power, in particular as commander in chief. While we might argue whether presidents have the constitutional power to unilaterally start wars, grossly abused by the latest succession, there is no question whether Obama has the sole authority to STOP them.

We, the 99 percent, demand that President Obama immediately withdraw all U.S. troops, including armed so-called "contractors", from all foreign countries we now occupy against the will of their own people (as opposed to the corrupt local quislings we have installed in power).

We're not really interested in any legislation Obama might propose at this point, with exactly zero chance of actually passing given the intractable Republicans. The recent proposed jobs bill can only be taken as some kind of cynical election year grandstanding stunt. It's as if to say, "Elect more Democrats so we can pass this bill," doing his best impersonation of Lucy with a football. Except they won't. If they had the votes they'd just turn it into something feeble or counterproductive like the health care and financial supposed reform bills, as we have so painfully already seen.

No, the only meaningful thing Obama retains the power to do right now is to stop ALL these wars immediately, get all our troops and equipment on transports and hustle them home at once. In short, to actual earn the Nobel peace prize that the committee in Norway was so ill advised to award him so preemptively. And until he does that we are frankly not interested in another single word he has to say.

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