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Don't Hold The Payroll Tax Cut Hostage To A Dirty, Dangerous Pipeline
What is it with the Republicans, perpetually trying to hold good public policy hostage to the enactment of bad public policy, and always more bad than good? The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is bad, bad policy. Another giant leap in the wrong direction, another mad dash to throw every molecule of carbon sequestered over hundreds of millions of years back into the atmosphere, throwing global warming into overdrive. Instead we should and must be developing true renewables. And holding up an extension of the payroll tax cut until they can jam their dirty tar oil down our throats is unconscionable.

The Republicans will fight to the death to preserve their precious tax cuts for the richest of the rich, who need it the least, but tax cuts for the middle class and poor they would just as soon toss overboard. And at the rate they are going there won't be any middle class, just the super wealthy and peons.

And it is not as if the oil industry hasn't got such a splendid track record of oil spills all over the world, including the recent tragic pipeline break in Montana. This proposed dirty pipeline is an existential danger to the aquifers of all the so-called red states it would run through. Indeed, there are fracking chemicals infiltrating into Wyoming's water supplies already. They won't quit until every natural resource is a polluted sump. Maybe that's why they are so anxious to abolish the Department of the Interior.

Pass the payroll tax cut extension without linkage to any other provision.

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