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Hands off Social Security and Medicare, End The Wars and Tax The Wealthy Instead
It is simply despicable that anybody is even talking about chopping down Social Security and Medicare, when the whole, entire cause of our current budgetary mess consists of endless foreign wars of aggression and more and more tax breaks for those who least need it. Instead they want to take away from those who have the least what little they have.

We happen to believe the only purpose of the Debt Super Committee, like the Gang of Six before it, was so that members of Congress could try to wash their hands of whatever reprehensible proposal might come out of there, as if to say, "It's just those 12 meanies who made us do it." We hold each and every member of Congress responsible for whatever damage they do.

Some of the things they have thrown out in all seriousness, like cutting funds for preventive care, are utter policy lunacy. Every dollar cut from preventive care now can only cost much more in medical costs in the future. They are even talking about decimating what are called "durable medical equipment" funds. In other words, take the crutches away from Grandma and wheelchairs from the handicapped. What do you have to say about that?

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