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Impeach And Prosecute Justice Clarence Thomas For Corruption
Given the fact that Clarence Thomas has been a permanent lock down vote for the most reactionary corporate special interests in the country, is it any surprise that his wife has been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from their so-called "think tanks", like the Heritage Foundation? But what should raise more than an eyebrow is the fact that he has lied for the last 20 years on his financial disclosure forms about his wife's income.

If you, or I, or anyone else we know hid upwards of a million dollars in income like this we would have already been hauled before a grand jury. But now that the whistle has been blown, and his corruption and lying have been exposed, Thomas thinks he can just amend all these perjured declarations like it's no big deal, claiming he "misunderstood" the filing instructions.

We have long known that Thomas was totally unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court. And at a minimum, for him to claim he cannot understand and truthfully complete a simple disclosure form, this proves it. Immediate impeachment is the least we should expect.

The motto of the Supreme Court is "Equal Justice Under Law". If those words are to mean anything, Thomas must be prosecuted just as he would coldly affirm the conviction of anyone else who did such a thing.

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