Exempt Small Food Producers Or Reject S. 510
S. 510 [text of bill], the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act, is very bad news and must be stopped.

In the aftermath of the massive recent Salmonella in eggs recall it is clear that 100 percent of the real problems with our food safety are the giant factory farms, where animals spend their entire wretched lives wallowing in their own filth in claustrophobic conditions. These CAFOs (we call them Concentrated Animal Filth Operations) are just mega breeding grounds for bacteria and deadly new viruses that end up not just in animal products but spread to vegetable fields and even our water supply.

We need a scalpel, and a large one, to cut to the heart of these problems, but not a huge blunderbuss of a shotgun loaded with random bird shot. We need to keep onerous new bureaucratic regulation from driving out of business the small operations that are the bed rock of our real food supply safety. And most of all we don't need another food czar who is just a corporate crony to wave through a massive invasion of genetically modified crops and animals and call it food safety modernization.

S. 510 is just a huge corporate takeover of our entire food supply to our health detriment, and must be stopped at all costs.

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