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The Afghanistan War Funding Vote Was A Total Sham
When Michael Steele accidentally spoke the truth (while hypocritically trying to condemn President Obama for any possible reason) that "the one thing you don't do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan", he was condemned by BOTH the Republican and Democratic leadership. Those in his own party demanded his resignation, while the DNC put out an especially snide press release accusing Steele of "rooting for failure" and other like chicken hawk talk.

The fact is the senseless and counterproductive occupation of Afghanistan has never been about supporting the troops. Instead it is about supporting war profiteers and overpaid mercenaries, because that's where most of the money we are borrowing from China to pay for it is going. And a substantial part of the rest is going as bribes and payoffs directly into the pockets of the very terrorists we are supposed to be fighting, literally a vote in support of terrorism.

The snaky rule vote (to pass if ANY one amendment passed) was completely manipulated to itself barely pass, to let the Democrats who voted against it pretend they would have voted against the war funding regardless (when they knew it was going to pass anyway), and to let the rest pretend they were not actually voting for it (when in fact the amendment votes had already been fixed). Not to be outmatched in the cynical cowardice department the Republicans voted lock step against funding the war they themselves had touted all along, because it did anything else but burn war money.

So what we are left with is a two "war party" system in America, neither with the courage, the wisdom, or the leadership to end this hideously doomed, bloody mess. And we need to tell them exactly that.

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