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End The Afghanistan Occupation
At what point are we going to admit that Afghanistan, now at nine years being called the longest war in American history, is just an endless and permanently unwelcome occupation? It's never, ever going to end until we the people cry out to put an end to it.

Now that General McChrystal has been fired for being too publicly frank about a lot of stuff, including the fact that there is no hope of "victory" in Afghanistan, his replacement by General Petraeus offers little hope of an exit any time soon either. Instead, he warns things there are going to get worse, at a time when casualties are already setting records.

We have NO national security interest in occupying so many countries in the Middle East. Quite the contrary, it just makes us more insecure and unsafe by breeding hatred and revenge for America's military arrogance all over the world. If the Cheney/Bush administration had not been so indifferently asleep at the switch the 9/11 attacks could have easily been prevented. By their own admission all they had to do was "connect the dots". Occupying Afghanistan does nothing to advance that mission.

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