The Congressional Response To Confront The Supreme Court Must Be As Strong As Possible
The ultimate and necessary fix for all the damage to the Constitution done by the Supreme Court in wrongfully declaring corporations to have the same natural rights as persons is of course a Constitutional amendment simply clarifying that they do NOT. However, in the short term Congress must move swiftly and forcefully to mitigate as much of this damage as possible before the general election later this year.

House member Alan Grayson stepped forward with at least 6 proposals, three of which have already been incorporated into legislation sponsored by Senator Schumer and House member Chris Van Hollen, which is now already before the House Administration Committee. These proposals would:

* Stop foreigners from buying our government.
* Prevent government contractors like Blackwater from stealing our elections.
* Force disclosure to shareholders when a company wants to bribe and threaten elected officials

This action page will, in addition to your own members of Congress, also send a fax petition direct to the House Administration Committee itself, urging Chairman Brady to move these bills as expeditiously as possible, and to strengthen the final bill with additional measures to not only disclose political bribery, but to STOP it.

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