Tell The White House Their Repackaging Of The Senate Health Bill Is Just More Corporate Slickness
All the "hope" in the world is not going to result in the slightest bit of real progressive policy change. NO, for that YOU must ACTIVELY speak out and KEEP doing it. Put down your "Yes, We Can" coffee mug and step away from the slick corporate con job. Submit this action page now, which includes a special custom function to pipe your personal comments directly to the new White House questions form.

There were some who "hoped" that when the White House came out with their own health care proposal there would be a real robust public option in it. Instead, what they came out with today is little more than the exact SAME Senate bill that everyone hated so much, the bill that already cost us the Senate seat in Massachusetts, with perhaps some inconsequential cosmetic improvements, some quarter hearted gestures towards the House bill that was itself wholly inadequate.

Indeed, going out to the White House site, we can't find the ACTUAL proposed bill anywhere, just page after page of slick, corporate marketing hype with pretty graphics of prescription drug vials, and not a word, not ONE single word anywhere about single payer or an actual robust public option of any kind. Apparently the White House thinks that the only thing that needs to be fixed about health care is their marketing campaign, which is why they called David Plouffe back in to crank up the smoke blowing machine again. Why they even pulled him off his big book selling tour, talking about how he was so instrumental in selling the hopes of progressives down the river, to do it.

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