Are The Democrats Going To Start Listening To Their Constituents Or Like What?
What is it with the Democrats really? Is this some kind of senseless, unilateral mass suicide thing? In the space of a mere year they have gone from one of the most compelling mandates for real progressive change in American history, to trying to stuff a "much more of the same" health care bill down their constituents' throats, a bill so universally despised that if Ted Kennedy were still alive even HE would be crying foul.

And still, despite the resounding, even desperate, rejection of this bill at the polls in the most blue of states, the so-called leaders of the Democratic party are still perversely talking about passing this toxic waste legislation one way or another.

This may their last chance to hear the voice of the American people, and this may be your last chance to talk some sense into their inside the beltway knuckle heads, before the midterm elections turn into a total, unmitigated rout.

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