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Any Health Care Reform That Isn't Medicare For All Is Just A Fraud On The American People
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The whole premise of the American people consenting to being forced to buy health care insurance in a new government insurance "market" was that there would at least be an option for us to participate in an economical public plan. Now, at that last minute, the one thing that the American people were counting on has been chased out the door by the Senate. And President Barack Obama now says this is what he always had in mind.

Our president promised he would keep the insurance companies honest, and we believed him. Now without even a token fight he has surrendered the one thing that would actually protect the American people from corporate price gouging. Indeed, he ORDERED Congress to take out the proposed Medicare buy-in, and even any semblance of a public option, from the bill.

Tell Barack Obama and your members of Congress the Medicare buy-in option must be put back into the bill. There must be a real and robust public plan, and not just a feeble impersonation of one.

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